Product Image


  • Minimum resolution: 600 x 600 pixels, images must be square
  • The pictures must look professional and may not be blurry, have bad light or look like they have been “home photographed”
  • Images may not have watermarks, merchant logo and/or URL, borders or any kind of text on them
  • No reflection of people or other objects is allowed
  • Supported formats are PNG and JPEG
  • The product in the picture must not differ in color, pattern or material from the physical product that is being sold
  • The product needs to be shown unwrapped
  • The product should take up 75-90 percent of the picture and the product should not be cropped

You as a merchant must have the copyright to all images uploaded, or own the right to use the pictures for the intended purpose. Please note that products that have high quality product images are rated higher than products with lower quality images.