Prices need to be provided by the merchant in USD and will be converted by Fyndiq to the customer’s currency. Prices listed by merchants need to be the sales price to the customer and include all legally required sales taxes according to the location of the merchant and the market (country) the product is listed in.

Fyndiq focuses on low priced products with good quality. Low and competitive prices as well as the quality of products will have a positive effect on the merchant’s product ranking.

Many sales today are generated through products with “0 price + shipping”. The current ranking of the Fyndiq platform favours “free” products and we suggest to adapt the prices of as many products as possible. It is important to keep in mind that the shipping for the products should not exceed 4 USD or it will have a negative impact on sales.

Example: 1 USD price + 1.50 USD shipping is changed to 0 USD price + 2.5 USD shipping.

Please be aware that this is the current best practice and tactics will change as the Fyndiq platform continues to be developed.