MFi certified products

Many customers buy accessories for their Apple products. Unfortunately, not all products work that well even though the design of the products and product description gives the impression of that they are compatible with Apple. This problem exists both in e-commerce and in physical stores. Therefore, Apple has a certification program that manufacturers can join. It's called "MFi", which is an abbreviation of "Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad".

Certification of accessories
Apple recommends using only accessories that are certified and labeled with the "Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad" symbol. The marking means that an accessory has been designed to meet Apple's performance requirements.

Please note that Apple's original products can not be certified and labeled as MFi since the certification is only for third party accessories. Therefore, it is not allowed to write "MFi" in product ads for original Apple products. It is also not allowed to name a product "MFi" in order to promote the product as an original product from Apple.

As a merchant you are responsible for ensuring that the certification and marking are genuine. Your choice of supplier is important. Apple has a search feature online where you can verify that manufacturers/products are truly certified ("Verifying Authorized MFI Manufacturing Licensees and Licensed Accessories"), click on this link to get there:

With such good opportunities to verify that the certification is genuine, it is important that you don’t promote a non-certified product with marking as if it were certified. The same applies if you describe a product as MFi-certified, even if it is not.