CE Marking

Many products such as electrical products and toys need to have CE marking to be sold. Here are the basic facts about CE marking and what you need to remember.

CE is an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne (“in conformity with EU Directives”). A product with the CE mark may be sold throughout the EU. By placing the CE mark on the product and preparing the technical documentation and EU Declaration of Conformity, the manufacturer confirms that the product complies with the legislation relating to standards and safety for the product.

What are the requirements for the CE mark?
The CE mark must be attached to the product so that it is visible, easily legible and indelible. If a notified body was involved in the supervision phase of manufacturing, its ID number must also be displayed. There are formal requirements for the CE mark, including that it must be of a certain minimum size, where it must be placed on the product, etc.

The EU and national authorities have further information on CE marking and the products to which it applies. Here are two links with more information (at both EU and national levels):